Beliebers Ridiculously Support DUI

Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest made national headlines, feeding into our society’s celebrity obsessed culture. Yes it was tragic to see a young man arrested for such a crime. Surprising, though? Can’t say it was. News worthy? Not in the least. Pathetic? Most definitely.

But his arrest wasn’t the worst part of the whole ordeal. The most shocking aspect lay in the support of fans to “Free Bieber.”

So let me get this straight… an over privileged young man was arrested for driving under the influence and was supported by his fans to be released? Driving under the influence is a serious crime. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that “every day in America, 28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes,” the equivalent of “one every 51 minutes.”

Bieber, who failed his sobriety test, sped, and wouldn’t cooperate with officers was supported by millions nation wide to be freed. He committed a crime of which he was clearly guilty, yet ignorant fans still complained for his release.

The young artist is lucky the situation went down the way it did; if he’d crashed while driving intoxicated and killed someone, things could have been much worse.

This is my fundamental problem with the situation. Bieber was guilty and could have easily harmed someone. If he’d been involved in a crash, I highly doubt his fans would have lobbied around him as they did.

No one should support a drunk driver. No one should believe it is in any way acceptable. Bieber’s actions were reckless, selfish, could have cost someone their life. They were all together immature and foolish.

It’s hard to believe a guilty drunk driver had the support her had and I surely don’t Beliebe it either.

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One thought on “Beliebers Ridiculously Support DUI

  1. Anonymous says:

    One thing I find quite disturbing is that when people respond “But he DIDN’T hurt anyone.” Their argument does provide some validity, but isn’t one that should be used to support him and/or drinking and driving. You said that “[he] could have easily harmed someone.” Yes, he could have, but like most situations you can always play the what-if game and propose alternate scenarios to what may or may not happen. I am not in anyway condoning his actions; he should be charged, but i think that the opposition should be making different arguments other than “he could have”.

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