Five Reasons to Be Alone

College freshmen are lucky to find time to themselves. With a community bathroom, a roommate and a dorm of over 400 other college students, some solidarity is often cherished.

Whether you are in your 20s or 60s, here’s five reasons why being alone is actually great.

1)   You learn independence

Being alone means learning to do things by yourself. Out in the real world, this is a harsh reality. When it comes down to it, you are truly the only one that you have. Friends come and go, family may not be around, so it is important to learn to depend on yourself and hold yourself accountable for your actions. You can’t learn this if you constantly immerse yourself in a see of wanna-be’s and other people…sometimes, you have to figure out your groove all-alone.

2)   Breaks are necessary

People can be overwhelming. They can force their ideas down your throat and alter your mindset. It is mandatory to take a step back from society and see where you really stand. Is that truly your political viewpoint? – Or did a parent or friend kind of thrust it upon you. Breaks allow for a mental cleanse, a time to truly learn about your morals and ethical stances and figure out how you’ll stand for them in times of trial.

3)   It means focusing on the future

It’s pretty much impossible to figure out where your life is headed when you never have time to think. Being alone means having personal time and space to plan out the next few days, weeks, or figure out where you want to be in a few years. To be truthful, you won’t ever figure that out with your buddies at the bar.

4)   Two words: Emotional Cleanse

If you’re anything like me, you don’t let people see you cry. By setting time aside to chill by yourself, you give you the time necessary to free yourself of the emotions bottling up. Whether this means a 6 mile run, a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s, or a box of Kleenex and P.S. I Love You; you just gave yourself time to detox from the emotions holding you down.

5)   Being alone can be fun

Being alone isn’t all learning, relaxation or productivity. Frankly, it can be a good time painting your toenails and jamming out to Beyoncé. You can stuff your face with what ever you want and no one is around to even look at your weird. Being alone means being crazy and weird and different and you. And while you can be all those things in public, sometimes it’s great to be it just by yourself.

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