#YesAllWomen Should Join #YesAllWomen


It’s no secret to say #YesAllWomen took off. CNN has covered it, Thought Catalog released 14 of the tweets everyone should see, there are millions of tweets about it.

It’s important for our generation to fully understand #YesAllWomen. But it’s more important that it is supported, no matter the gender.

That’s why, as people continue the hashtag, as they share their voices, it isn’t ok to bash them.

I’ve seen femininsts on twitter call others “bandwagoners” for jumping into feminism. And that’s NOT right.

To say the least, you can’t be a ‘bandwagon feminist.’

Feminism isn’t restricted to women, or to those who called themselves it first. A feminist is someone who recognizes inequality, sees no gender roles, and believes in the utter and complete equality of both sexes.

That’s why it’s ok to ‘jump on’ the feminism movement.

Maybe you hadn’t seen just how subjected women are to men in today’s society. Maybe you didn’t realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with the fact that you have watch where you set your drink at a party. Maybe you didn’t realize that you could work for years at the same job as your male counterpart and earn less.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.52.33 PM

But that is fine, you can still be a feminist.

You can accept the injustices and proclaim your voice against them. You’re not late to the movement, you’re not jumping onto it. You’re realizing that it affects you as well, and you have the right to share your opinion.

So #YesAllWomen and #YesAllMen, you’re welcome to join the movement.

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