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Loyalty is a Lifestyle

The age of hookup culture has everyone obsessed with the idea of loyalty… except they’ve got it all wrong.

Quotes about loyalty appear everywhere; monopolizing the timelines of teenage girls craving loyalty from the guy they’re “with.”

But that’s just it—loyalty isn’t simply the commitment between a man and a woman for relationship purposes.

Loyalty is not forgetting where you came from when you skim the surface of success. It’s remembering who helped you, who was there at your lowest, and making sure they’re just as important when you’ve made it big as they were when you were nothing.

Loyalty is friendships that don’t fail, that don’t end, because your lives are so intertwined in history that you fight through miscommunications and disagreements to stay friends for years to come.

There is loyalty in dependability and being a responsible person, because others can lean on you and know you’ll be there.

Loyalty is keeping your job when management fails you because you believe in the ideals of the company.

Loyalty demands more than mediocrity. When you’re loyal to a person, completely and wholeheartedly invested in them be it friendship or professionally, it’s demanding them to be the best they can be.

People mistake it for the words of a catchy Chris Brown tune or the idea that you should be with one person at a time. It’s not that shallow.

Loyalty seeps into various categories and relationships, from work to business to friendships and connections. It can’t be demanded, or asked for. Loyalty is earned, given, maintained, and respected.

It’s as simple as being loyal to yourself and staying true to your morals and beliefs, to being loyal to your body and treating it preciously, to being loyal to your family and friends and never letting them down or failing them.

Loyalty is a lifestyle- remember that.


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